About Us / The Team

Executive Team

Graeme Lewsey
Chief Executive Officer

Laura McKinnon
Business Operations Executive / Executive Assistant


Programming & Operations

Yolanda Finch
General Manager

Eva Otsing
Arts & Ideas Programmer

Chloe Naughton
Fashion Programmer

Eleanor Riley
Ticketing Executive

Meg Wilson
VIP Services Executive


Marketing & Communications

Kate Horsfall
Marketing & Communications Manager

Jessica Hutchinson
Digital Editor

Elinor Jones
Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Adriana Santelices
Graphic Designer


Partnerships & Business Development

Tennille Burt
Head of Sales and Marketing

Katherena Lambetsos
Business Development Manager

Sasha Bardwell
Business Development Executive

Kadiesha Gary
Sales Executive

Belinda Rampton
Event Liaison


Event Production

Zillah Morrow
Event Manager

Ray German
Technical Director

Nathalie Devilliers
Production Manager

Sophie Watson
Event Executive

Alida Milani
Ideas Project Manager


Finance & Accounts

Jacki McAvenna
Finance Manager

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