image Marina Afonina

Albus Lumen

Albus Lumen, founded by stylist Marina Afonina, is confidence in simplicity. Latin for white light, it is not weighed down by trends, but grounded in the core elements, drawing strength from detailed minimalism.

With a nod to the European summer, craftsmanship and relaxed style inform the Albus Lumen aesthetic. Simple shapes and classic modernity create subtle yet striking contrasts.

Not drawn in by flashiness and glamour, Albus Lumen carries a potent effortlessness. Understated luxury with a minimal edge, their style is as elusive as it is captivating. Lauren Hutton, Daria Werbowy and Anna Ewers are muses – beautifully light, quietly confident, powerfully feminine.

Albus Lumen will appear in Runway 1.

image Marina Afonina
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