image Bianca Spender

Bianca Spender

Bianca Spender is a designer at the forefront of Australian fashion. With a steadfast dedication to creating lasting and elegant pieces for the modern women, she makes ethically accredited and sustainable clothing for the conscious consumer.

The Bianca Spender design identity is grounded in Liberated Tailoring, where feminine movement is underpinned by masculine cuts. Working with elegant drape and precise structures, Bianca Spender designs celebrate the artistic spirit and do so with quiet refinement. They are infused by this creativity, taking note from music, art, nature and technology.

These are clothes made to be worn, to elongate the form and elevate the silhouette, using daring colour palettes and sophisticated construction. “The design and pattern making process is a form of modern poetry for me. Clothes that have rhythm, that combine understatement and elevation, precision and imagination.”

Bianca Spender will be showcasing in Runway 2

image Bianca Spender
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