image Toby Jones and Mikey Nolan

Double Rainbouu

Double Rainbouu puts a fun and fresh twist on the cult classic Hawaiian shirt. Created for ‘beach babes and pool punks,’ the vivid tropical prints are inspired by the seaside culture of design duo Mikey Nolan and Toby Jones’ native Australia.

An antidote to traditional resort brands, which tend to peddle a lifestyle few truly enjoy. All textile print designs are created in-house by the duo and reflect a life spent by the beach and all that it represents.

‘Because the beach in Australia is such a huge aspect of everyone’s lives, it doesn’t just mean one thing. There’s the city beach. Then you’ve got the small-town beaches, deserted beaches, and crappy suburban beaches.’ Double Rainbouu aims to reflect all of them, with a cheeky grin. ‘It’s everyday life, not paradise.

Double Rainbouu will be showcasing in Runway 7

image Toby Jones and Mikey Nolan
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