image Kerrin Schuppan


The Australian-owned brand and company, Kerrin Co, is based in Melbourne and is focused on creating menswear with a clear casual Australian sensibility. Kerrin embodies the Australian lifestyle and the juxtapositions that the culture presents: hard working yet laid back; irreverent yet humble; embracing tradition and modern technology all at the same time.

The brand ethos is to create exceptional products that are deeply considered, lasting, and designed to wear well. Relationships are nurtured with suppliers and partners, all of whom share a passion for high-quality craftsmanship, innovation and responsible manufacturing. Products are designed in Australia and expertly made in Europe. Quality and attention to detail is paramount, using best-in-class fabrics, finishes and construction to produce pieces of great consideration and inherent value.

Kerrin will be showcasing in Studio Edit 2

image Kerrin Schuppan
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