image Mario-Luca Carlucci and Peter Strateas


Based in Melbourne Australia, STRATEAS CARLUCCI is a creative collaboration between designers Peter Strateas and Mario-Luca Carlucci founded in 2013.

The STRATEAS CARLUCCI brand is deconstructed androgyny, subtly subversive yet playful, producing modern luxury wardrobe staples, created from the concept of binary oppositions.

Designing both for Men and Women, STRATEAS CARLUCCI have championed a Masculine / Feminine duality within their collections through the idea of creating a unified collection that is not driven by gender, but by a concept.

The aim of their Studio is to merge art and design through research and experimentation into other mediums and disciplines. Each season, it sees the studio charter into new territories and unorthodox design techniques, which results in interesting methodologies and ways of creating, constantly challenging the perception of fashion and art.

STRATEAS CARLUCCI will be showcasing in Runway 2

image Mario-Luca Carlucci and Peter Strateas
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