40 Frocking Years



The event is taking place on a Thursday evening, one time only.

Rose Chong Costumiers is presenting a runway fashion showcase that will run the entire length of the shop, front and back of house. Giving the audience a unique insight to the established and iconic costume business. The runway features clothes made by Rose Chong over the period of her 40 years of costume making in Fitzroy. The models will be styled by the Chongettes (employees) who style in the shop on a daily basis for clients, films and fashion shoots. Rose Chong has been dressing and frocking Fitzroy for over 40 years.

Her extensive archive of fashion and costumes is full of treasures and bespoke garments. Rose Chong continues to promote individuality and unique expression, encouraging humour, style and exhibitionism in all who enter the store. The runway will not only showcase the costumes of Rose Chong and her archive but also access the significant styling skills of the Chongettes (employees) who will create a colourful dynamic spectacle of fashion, wigs and accessories.

The fashion showcase will take place throughout the entire space of the shop, from cutting room to laundrette, giving the audience a special inside look behind the scenes of this iconic Melbourne costume shop. The parade will feature prominent and luminary artists of Melbourne’s performing arts scene.

Image by Eamon Donnelly.

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