A stitch in time, a place of mine

Arts Program

‘A stitch in time, a place of mine’ unites the creative best of Victoria’s vibrant international student community to capture a global perspective of a city waiting to be uncovered. The show will use student stories, city soundscapes and manipulations of light to create a sensory experience for all involved.

Created in partnership with the Victorian Government’s Study Melbourne initiative and leading Victorian creative institutions, ‘A stitch in time, a place of mine’ is inspired by our students’ cross-continental move and Victoria’s multicultural community and seeks to create a platform for self-expression, new discoveries and global perspectives.

This is an opportunity for the Victorian public to experience first-hand the enduring contributions of our vibrant onshore international student cohort, comprised of more than 175,000 individuals each year. From students to industry, all are welcome to celebrate Victoria’s world-class creative heart with this unique community.