All the Jewellery: Is Jewellery a Luxury?


All the Jewellery is an exhibition that exists in a relationship with Lisa Walker’s retrospective at RMIT Design Hub.

It is an exhibition of workshops tackling key questions about contemporary jewellery. It brings together a community of jewellers and people who make jewellery, gallerists and collectors and those in the professions that support jewellery-making into a weekly conversation.

Each week one question will be publicly debated and the responses will take multiple forms: discussions, mass gatherings and performances. Bringing together practitioners from a range of fields, Robyn Healy will lead a discussion exploring the question: Is jewellery a luxury?

All the Jewellery is an expansive equivalent of Lisa’s show in the number of participants and in the vast terrain of ideas and perspectives we intend to uncover over the period of both exhibitions that have questions at their core.

She wants to go to her bedroom but she can’t be bothered and All the Jewellery are accompanied by a publication designed by Ziga Testen.

Curators: Kate Rhodes and Nella Themelios

Instagram: @rmitdesignhub
Facebook: @rmitdesignhub
Twitter: @rmitdesignhub

Image courtesy of Lisa Walker.

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