Beach Couture: A Haute Mess


Beach Couture: A Haute Mess is an exhibition of wearable pieces made by artist Marina DeBris from objects and rubbish collected from Sydney & Los Angeles beaches.

Originally launched at Waverley Council’s Bondi Pavilion in 2016, the touring exhibition features original outfits from the Beach Couture collection as well as two series of photographs by Richard Flynn of Hannah Kat Jones modelling the outfits. Beach Couture makes visible, in grotesquely amusing fashion, the ever-growing problem of ocean pollution created in part by our contemporary reliance on single-use items. It also prompts reflection on the ability of materials to be transformed and reworked for new purposes, an area of growing interest and responsibility in the fashion industry.

Artist Marina DeBris trained as a graphic designer at Rhode Island School of Design and became interested in the issue of marine pollution after moving from Bondi to Los Angeles. After initially collecting trash during her daily runs on Venice Beach to maintain its beauty, she began to turn the collection into art in hopes of drawing attention to the often overlooked contributors of beach pollution. Fuelled by her growing concern for the oceans health, Marina challenges her audience to question each individual’s own efforts in sustainability. Marina’s work has been exhibited both locally and overseas, and has attracted the recognition of many awards, including the Waverley Council Mayor’s Prize at Sculpture by the Sea.

Facebook: @ArtsManningham

Image by Richard Flynn.

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