Call of the Hoard


Call of the Hoard is a collaborative exhibition by Narrm Melbourne based artists John Gosper, Louise Meuwissen, Eileen Braybrook and John Brooks. Using their shared tendency to hoard materials as a starting point, the desire to collect, and the associated selection criteria are questioned and examined through a series of textile based installations.

Each participant’s hoard will come together, no longer collecting dust in the studio waiting for the elusive right time (an undetermined event that may or may not come) to be used. Through the making process and sharing of hoards, the drive to collect might be revealed. The allure of things comes in many forms: emotional holding, instant gratification, enjoyment of sensual or tactile materials, or an intuitive frugal feeling that a thing might give birth to an idea.

Transforming the collective hoard of consumer waste and brand new materials through laborious making processes, Call of the Hoard aims to question and disrupt accepted notions of value.

Does this value come through labour?

Is it inherent in the object?

Or is it located in the perception of the hoarder?

Unveiling hoards in the harsh light of day may strip them of their power, or give us new ways of understanding each other through intangible relationships with materials.

Instagram: @louisemeuwissen @eileen_braybrook @nhoj_repsog @L00ming

Image ‘Ecology of Time’ by Louise Meuwissen.

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