Cleopatra’s Bling Independent Runway

Cleopatra’s Bling is a unique, handmade jewellery brand founded by Australian designer Olivia Cummings in 2014. Olivia’s wandering soul took her across continents from Australia, Europe and Asia, to adopted homes that formed a constellation of destinations connecting East and West.

She created Cleopatra’s Bling as an homage to these connections, fusing her elegant lifestyle in Paris, with the beautiful craftsmanship she discovered in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. We create jewellery with emotional and historical relevance, dipping into the collective memory, all while respecting ancient jewellery-making tradition.

This runway will feature models taken from our client and fan base, who self-select to participate, and will be styled in clothing from Olivia’s own closet and independent Australian designers, alongside Cleopatra’s Bling jewels. Alongside this ethical approach to the development of the runway look, a percentage of profits will be donated to charity.

Tickets will be available via this event page soon. 

This event is owned and operated by Cleopatra’s Bling Jewellery Pty Ltd, and proudly promoted by Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival as part of the Independent Program. Please contact the organizer directly for further information.

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