Fabric Printing Expo, Forum & Workshops

Arts Program

The concept behind this project is to host an exhibition with different organisations to promote and support local designers who are mostly young people to explore and showcase their skills, talents and knowledge within the Brimbank and the African communities of Victoria and the diaspora at large.

The group is planning to have a’ fashion expo’ including and involve having stalls but in doing so, we are having 3 components:

1. Invites different designers from within Brimbank and outside Brimbank as well.  

2. Exhibitions from different local designers to showcase and display their products and /or services.

3. Workshops on fabric printing, talks and forum on a Social enterprise. Participants will be given the opportunities as part of a team alongside with qualified fashion designers and turn recycling fabric by ensuring that textiles and all kinds of excess fabric cut-offs are used with the objectives of reducing waste to the environment and turn recycled and excess manufacturing materials into original clothing.