Fashion Writing Series Workshop

Our exclusive Fashion Writing Series Workshop is your chance to get up close and personal with some of Australia’s fashion writing experts. Refine your fashion writing skills and gain valuable industry insight.

The Fashion Writing Series sees a group of influential journalists and writers come on board to guide, nurture and publish writing of five bright young mentees.

Speakers include:

Alison Kubler is a freelance curator, writer and commentator. She has over 20 years experience working as a curator in museums and galleries in Australia, and writes for leading art journals and magazines. In November 2013 a book she co-authored with Mitchell Oakley-Smith entitled Art and Fashion in the Twentieth Century. She is Associate Editor of Manuscript and a regular contributor to art journals and fashion magazines such as Vault, Art Collector, Neue Luxury and the Australian Financial Review Magazine. She is a Board Director of the Museum of Brisbane, an Ambassador for the Institute of Modern Art, and an Ambassador for the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art. 

Briony Wright is the Australian editor of the cutting-edge, iconic British publication i-D. i-D, which launched its online presence around the globe in 2014, highlights the best of contemporary culture, combining art, fashion, music and photography. Briony also previously spent eight years editing the local edition of Vice magazine, evolving it from a print based platform towards the immersive digital portal that it is today.

Clare Press is Marie Claire’s fashion editor-at-large and Daily Life’s “Sustainable Style” columnist. This is her second year as a VAMFF Fashion Writing Series mentor. Clare has spent her career writing about fashion, interviewing designers and decoding trends. Her byline has been everywhere from Harper’s Bazaar and Elle to The Australian, the Sydney Morning Herald, the New York Times Magazine and more. She has frequently been on the telly, and radio, and hosted panel discussions at Australian fashion week. Clare is the author of Wardrobe Crisis, How We Went From Sunday Best to Fast Fashion (Nero) – a compelling new book about how our clothes are made, where, how and from what.

Janice Breen Burns is editor of Voxfrock, the fashion and pop culture blogzine she founded in 2013. For 19 years she was a renowned columnist, features writer, news reporter and fashion editor for Melbourne’s The Age newspaper as it evolved from a traditional print, to multi-platform news source. For her deep industry knowledge and experience, she is frequently invited to comment for print, online, radio and television broadcasts on fashion related news. Janice is known to write and comment on fashion in a realistic way.