Fashioning the Body

Panel Discussion

In Conversation with Stanislava Pinchuk & Zaiba Khan

Join Stanislava Pinchuk (artist, curator, tattooist) and Zaiba Khan (printmaker, gold/silversmith) to discuss how they fashion the body and mark identity through adornment, both temporary and permanent.

Destined to last lifetimes, their work evokes a legacy beyond the aesthetic, imbued with stories of love, family, memory, tradition and reinvention. Their treasured pieces – commissioned, exchanged and gifted – also speak to the importance of creative relationships and collaboration.

Both have immigration journeys that influence their creations, finding contemporary expressions of Australia at the junction of diverse cultures.

Also on display is Stanislava and Zaiba’s latest exhibition, Immigration Granulation, presenting intersecting tattoo and jewellery works tracing immigration narratives.


Stanislava Pinchuk is a Ukrainian-Australian artist working with data mapping the changing topographies of war and conflict zones. Over the last ten years, she has tattooed maps onto her friends in a trade system outside of appointments and money. Her work has been supported by The National Gallery of Australia, Le Louvre’s Musée des Arts Decoratifs, Heide MoMA, La Bibliotheque Nationale de France, the Museum of Contemporary Art Sydney and ACCA. She has just been named on the Forbes 30 Under 30 List, her work commissioned by clients such as Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Nike, Tiffany & Co., and Apple.

Zaiba Khan is multidisciplinary artist based in Melbourne, Australia. Heavily influenced by her Fijian-Indian Islamic upbringing, Zaiba’s practice examines narratives of migration and diasporic experience. Working across the disciplines of printmaking and gold and silversmithing, she translates the oral histories of her ancestors into visual language, as an act of preservation, storytelling and resistance.

Photograph courtesy of Gavin Green.

This event is owned and operated by Melbourne Immigration Museum, and proudly promoted by Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival as part of the Independent Program. Please contact the organiser directly for further information.

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