Felt Stitches


‘Felt Stitches’ is a participatory installation that explores craft making as a contemporary practice that expands meaning of making through transformation and growth.

The exhibit is maker’s response to touch, an approach towards creative expansion utilising craft making techniques.

The project explores sense of touch through negotiation of visuals, fostering an interplay between hand as feeler, and hand as maker. It explores sensory perceptions when realised through touch, as a thread that binds the body and materials together during the process of making.

Such a making practice is ever-evolving and based on interactions with the surrounding atmospheres, embodying the ephemerality of felt-sensations. Feeling the marks stimulates the perceiver, invites engagement and participation through making and material engagement. In a fashion scenario, the observer is often separated from the making process and highly influenced by visual perceptions. Such a provocation leads to sensorial engagements, fostering a holistic making practice which relies on the maker, perceiver, and surrounding atmosphere. It encourages dialogues of inclusivity and long-lasting relationships between the process and the perceiver.

A practice that envisions fashion as not a passing phenomenon, but rather a process that nurtures sensations of one to derive meanings for the other. Touch as a medium for making and perceiving in a large-scale scenario, opens up diverse interpretations.

Through tactile mark-making the artwork reveals effects of the surrounding dynamics and the atmosphere, and how it influences the maker.

Free event, RSVP not required. 

This event is owned and operated by Ritika Skand Vohra, and proudly promoted by Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival as part of the Independent Program. Please contact the organiser directly for further information.

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