Haute Couture in Ancient Greece


Hellenic Museum brings to life the magnificent costumes worn by Minoans and Mycenaeans of Bronze Age Greece ca. 2000 to 1200 BCE. As valuable as precious metals, a significant commodity of trade, luxurious in design and decoration, Minoan dress rivalled that of its Near Eastern and Egyptian neighbours. Yet, Aegean costumes and textiles have been among the least understood of the major artistic achievements of the Minoan civilisation.

This exhibition displays garments recreated through Dr Bernice Jones’ meticulous analysis of textiles represented in sculptures and wall paintings of the period.

An exclusive exhibition launch party will be held on 2 March, 6:30PM – 10:30PM.

The launch party will include a special runway event with models displaying the Minoan and Mycenaean garments, followed by an ancient-inspired cocktail party and preview of the exhibition.

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