Inside The Workroom


Enjoy an interactive afternoon inside the mind and world of Meg Parry Studio. For the first time, the contemporary womenswear design and production hub will open their doors to the public.
Gain full access to the production studio, shop and play dress ups with their latest collection and relish the opportunity to chat all things sustainability, design, craftsmanship, studio operations and more, with Creative Director Meg Parry.

Meg Parry Studio enjoys implementing creative ways throughout the design process to reduce waste, maximise functionality and value the beautiful process of craftsmanship behind a product. Meg Parry Studio values creating more transparency within the supply chain and encouraging people to gain full insight into how clothing is made.
By sharing these ideas on how to improve the processes of operations, helps any conscious consumer further appreciate the story of craftsmanship behind a garment that bit more. With the chance to chat to like minded creatives about hand crafted sustainable fashion, you will be immersed into an environment which welcomes everyone to appreciate and further understand the processes that exist within this contemporary womenswear design and production studio.

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