Jordana Madeleine: WORSHIP


WORSHIP is an installation and live-performance of Jordana Madeleine’s operating theatre, taking viewers through the journey of creation in the postmodern era. Her process-driven designs empower the meanings and messages of skin, as a cultural artifact, used within the context of fashion to redefine traditional codes of dress and identity. Reworking the boundaries between garment and body, body adornment methods isolates the skin as a site for investigation and social commentary. 

Inspired by the legacy of Salvador Dalí, Jordana employs the Paranoiac Critical with the influence of death, decay and illusion to forge a visual language of dreams. Transcending the innocence of gentle sin, sacrifice, and ritualistic techniques, this passage details the psychoanalytical journey of self-worship. An ode to Surrealism, it acts as a metaphor for the dark impulses of the designer. The creator’s psychic odyssey towards realizing artistic perfection relies on control, however, learns that it’s ultimately about letting go.

This event contains nudity.

Instagram: @jordanamadeleine 

Image by Vlad Savin.

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