MICO; a multi-sensory immersive experience derived from the intriguing world of fungi and mycology. A continuation of previous production, MICOLOGIA, MICO returns to the 2020 VAMFF Arts Program as a collaborative fashion runway between Designers REMUSE, Mycelium Made, Filmmakers Nicefilm.co, agency Jira Models, and B2B Creative, featuring performances by local movement artists. 

The event will showcase work from local ethical and sustainable fashion designers, filmmakers, dancers, artists and stylists who have come together to show the public just how exciting the future of Fashion can be, as well as showing sincere respect and reverence for the importance of mycology in a sustainable future. 

Image: Nicefilm.co

This event is owned and operated by Remuse Designs, and proudly promoted by Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival as part of the Independent Program. Please contact the organiser directly for further information.

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