Precarious Bodies: Fashioning The Unstable

Independent Artist

As part of The Art Party at Testing Ground, Precarious Bodies disrupts fashion’s traditional notions of glamour, beauty and perfection using expanded methods of fashion collage. Materials perform, and the way bodies and materials interact plays a key role in how fashion communicates, how we think or feel about our bodies, and contributes to how we perceive and express our identity.

Developing a dialogue with art and performance, Precarious Bodies works with photography, film and installation to explore how expanded collage methods can be used to subvert norms prescribing how “fashionable” bodies interact with materials. The exhibition questions how this approach could inform expanded fashion design practice and process and is one of the final creative projects undertaken by Jane Morley as part of her practice-based fashion PhD studied at RMIT University.

Visitors to Precarious Bodies will discover a series of two dimensional and three dimensional collage creative process works as well as live bodies performing “collages” in the space on opening night.

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