REPETITION (INTERIOR TO EXTERIOR) #0001 is a large-scale, whole room art installation, incorporating the release of a new limited edition artist scarf and earring collection by Melbourne based artist and owner of Prenta X studio, Phebe Parisia. The installation and responsive scarf and earring collection focuses upon the relationships between art and design.

Constructed from industrial woven PVC fabric and coated nylon fabric panels worked with hand drawn repetitive line work, the visually immersive work is predominantly wall-based, in addition utilising parts of the ceiling, windows, floor and studio furniture.

The earring and scarf collection is in direct conversation with the installation, using line work, shape and form to create direct and strong visual and conceptual design relationships between the installation, earrings and scarf.

For the viewer, the installation component provides an experience of being inside an artwork. The viewing body becomes part of the large and immersive work, extending the relationship between art and design to the wider public as a key audience and product activator. It ultimately highlights the conceptual connections between the artists practice and the resulting wearable objects. Conceptually, it is a material manifestation of repetitive action and labour in the production of art and object.

The event will run on 4, 5, 6, 7, 11, 12, 13 and 14 March 2020. 

Free event, RSVP not required.

This event is owned and operated by Prenta X studio, and proudly promoted by Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival as part of the Independent Program. Please contact the organiser directly for further information.

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