SAWFT Launch

SAWFT is the lovechild of Melbourne’s own party DJ and style icon Soju Gang with a bright colour palette, and re-imagined silhouettes reminiscent of the golden age of streetwear. She aims to create a line that is not only inclusive but reflects the diverse array of people and styles burn city is home to.

Along with creating vibrant, fresh, streetwear; SAWFT is aiming to achieve a brand that specifically caters to those in the community. Despite creating items that reflect a love of olds school styling, the brand isn’t limited to that. SAWFT was created to be about highlighting the importance and beauty of an individual. Streetwear is about self expression, where SAWFT aims to be a tool in creating something that’s uniquely yours, rather than giving out guidelines on what and how to wear.

SAWFT Launch is to release the very first drop from SAWFT where through the night you’ll be not only some of the first to experience what this brand has to offer, but be submerged into a whole body experience of music, art and fashion.

Interactive art, DJ’s, live music, and more will be apart of the events festivities.

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This event is owned and operated by SAWFT, and proudly promoted by Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival as part of the Independent Program. Please contact the organiser directly for further information.

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