The Cremaster Cycle


THE CREMASTER CYCLE (1995-2002) will be presented in a marathon session on rare 35mm film prints at the historic Astor Theatre. This cycle of works by esteemed American artist Matthew Barney, is an extraordinary five-part film project that has been absent from Australian cinema screens for many years.

Created out of sequence over an eight year period, together the films craft a unique aesthetic universe of densely layered symbolism. Barney mixes anatomical and psychosexual metaphors and allusions with physical movements, special effect make up and vivid design elements and draws on a vast range of mythological and historical characters, iconic locations and his own autobiography.

THE CREMASTER CYCLE is somewhere in between a traditional film and an art installation. With cult status in the art world, THE CREMASTER CYCLE presents an evocation and deconstruction of the creative process.

List of Works Presented: CREMASTER 1 (1996) / CREMASTER 2 (1999) / CREMASTER 3 (2002) / CREMASTER 4 (1995) / CREMASTER 5 (1997)

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