The Social Studio 10 Year Retrospective In Collaboration With FOMA


The Social Studio Retrospective celebrates the studio’s achievements and supporters over the years through an exhibition and panel series. The event is delivered in collaboration with the Fashions of Multicultural Australia (FOMA)

For close to a decade, The Social Studio has been a dynamic social enterprise in Melbourne’s cultural landscape, bringing environmentally sustainable design and ethical business practices to the community. As a fashion school, a clothing label, a retail shop, a digital textile print studio, a clothing manufacturer and a community space, all designs are created from the style and skills of young people from new migrant and refugee communities. The Social Studio champions the values of diversity, community, education, environmentally sustainable design and ethical business practices daily. Their unique enterprise develops work and life skills in a highly motivating context and encourages young people to follow their aspirations through the vehicle of fashion.

FOMA is a first-ever national initiative that will integrate cultures, generate trade opportunities, and foster social cohesion through the universally binding industry that is fashion. FOMA will acknowledge the origins of Australian fashion and how migration has historically affected it.

The exhibition will explore the concept of Immersion: an intangible value which comes from acclimating in a new place, integrating into the community, interacting with local people, an understanding of the way others live.

The Social Studio will showcase a series of garments designed in collaboration with iconic Australian designers that have supported The Social Studio over the past decade, alongside international designers from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds presented by FOMA.

The panel series will enable rich discussion around the ever-expanding relationship between fashion, community, culture and ethics.

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Facebook: @thesocialstudio

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