When Fashion and Human Behaviour Collide


Ever wondered why we wear the things we wear, or shop the way we shop? Why does our style change, or how come we sometimes end up in a perpetual rut? In a world where everyone has become there own stylist, how much of what we dress in is really us? Australian Style Institute discuss the impact our psychology and habits influence the fashion industry on a 360-degree perspective of the fashion space.

With a ‘no holds barred’ policy, you’ll leave the morning with learnings you can apply whether you’re a designer, blogger, stylist, student or just a fashion junkie.

This event includes a complimentary gift bag.

Australian Style Institute Founder Lauren Di Bartolo will be joined by:

Lisa Hamilton – See Want Shop
Sophie Cachia – The Young Mummy and Founder of Cachia and Fairy Magic
Lana Wilkinson – Celebrity Fashion Stylist
Bianca O’Neill – The Second Row

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