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Credits for the 2019 Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival runways.



Runway 1

Credits for Runway 1, Presented by Vogue Australia and Supported by Olay at Priceline Pharmacy.

Runway 2

Credits for Runway 2, Presented by Elle Australia and Supported by Schwarzkopf at Priceline Pharmacy.

Runway 3

Credits for Runway 3, Presented by Harper’s BAZAAR and Supported by L’Oreal Paris at Priceline Pharmacy.

Virgin Australia Grand Showcase
Runway 4

Credits for Runway 4, Supported by Revlon at Priceline Pharmacy.

Runway 5

Credits for Runway 5, Presented by Who What Wear and Supported by Australis at Priceline Pharmacy.

Menswear Runway

Credits for Menswear Runway, Presented by GQ.

High Tea

Credits for the High Tea runway, Presented by the City of Stonnington and Supported by the Australian Women’s Weekly

Runway 6

Credits for Runway 6, Presented by Fashion Journal and Supported by Nude by Nature at Priceline Pharmacy

Runway 7

Credits for Runway 7, Presented by GRAZIA + ICON and Supported by Revlon at Priceline Pharmacy

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