2019 Campaign: Power To The Dreamers

People all over the world are doing extraordinary things, paving their own paths and empowering others through fashion. While the fashion industry has made progress, there is much work to do. To create this new world of better where dreams and ideals becomes the new reality, we must start locally, and step outside our boundaries to a place where the dreamers and visionaries are empowered to become fashions new vanguard. 

The 2019 campaign optimistically captures this idea and momentum through a visual representation that fosters an empowering culture that enables individuals to do their best work and chase their dreams, even (and especially) when faced with adversity or naysay.

Festival CEO, Graeme Lewsey, explained, “In everything we are doing for next year’s Festival, we want to encourage our community to continue to empower others through fashion.” 

ANEI: (LEFT) PAM (sweater and trousers), hat (stylist's own). (RIGHT) Strateas.Carlucci (sweater, jacket, jacket, scarf, trousers) and Doc Martens (shoes). 






ELLA - (LEFT) By Johnny (long sleeve dress), Carla Zampatti (jacket) and Reliquia (earrings). (RIGHT) Scanlan Theodore (yellow floral dress), Strateas.Carlucci (with text worn around shoulders),Sarah and Sebastian (earrings and rings, left hand) and Peter Lang (ring, right hand). 





FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Tidal water channels, Nicholson Point Denham, WA, Pink Salty Lake, Yallabatharra, WA, Coloured Salt Lake, QLD  

The incorporation of reimagined Australian landscapes as the backgrounds, were inspired by the connection between the clothes and the landscape, the relationship they have on our natural resources, an effect that can be beautifully symbiotic or resource heavy and damaging. It was also interesting to explore the connection between the Australian environment in which we live, and how it affects the clothes that we wear and the way that we wear them, practically and aesthetically. The Australian landscape is so uniquely ours, it’s like nowhere else in the world and the clothes that we make and the way we wear then is the same. Uniquely ours. 

 The Festival's 2019 campaign will take over nation-wide and online on 12 December 2018. 

CYNTHIA: (LEFT) Bianca Spender (burgundy jacket and pink pleated trousers), Peter Lang (choker), macgraw (red silk, gold chain and pearl), and Kitte (long gold chain with medallion). (RIGHT) Romance Was Born (magenta dress), Strateas.Carlucci (burgundy trench), Ginger and Smart (burgundy patent heel) and Louise Olsen (necklace). 





Campaign Creative Credits
Stylist: Peter Simon Phillips
Photographer: Justin Ridler
Moving Image: Sense 6
Video Track: Client Liaison, 'World of Our Love' Northeast Party House Remix
Hair: Kenneth Stoddart for Priceline Pharmacy
Make up: Sarah Laidlaw for Priceline Pharmacy
Models: Cynthia Wu, Anei Dut and Ella Stubbington 

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