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Five things you didn’t know about the brand behind everyone’s favourite personalised phone case.

It’s hard to believe, but a time existed before personalisation became ubiquitous across necklace nameplates, accessories and phone cases. A less interesting time, no doubt. Hitting the market in the early monogram sweet spot was The Daily Edited, a lifestyle brand offering luxury accessories at an affordable price point– all with the option to add initials. But it was never founder and CEO Alyce Tran’s vision for her business to see an annual turnover of 30 million dollars.

For this Fashion Talk, Allure Media Group Publisher Alison Rice of Who What Wear quizzes Alyce Tran on all things TDE. Find out all you’ve wanted to know about the brand stamping your name over everything.



Tran was a practicing lawyer

“I thought it was ok to hate your job. I thought it was normal.”

Unlike the conventional lawyer, Tran didn’t dream of working in suits. Successes in high school lead Tran to make use of her achievements with a law degree. Tran moved up in the ranks, starting as a judge’s associate and becoming a partner.


From a compendium formed a business

“We took a year of absence. Instead of having a baby, I had a business.”

Tran recalls walking into Louis Vuitton, and despite her six figure salary, being unable to afford anything. She needed a compendium, and so she decided to create one for herself. Along with her business partner, Tran ordered a minimum run of three styles. The pair began selling the designs, with Tran doing the monogramming after work every night. And to top things off, the stock was kept in the inventory room of their law firm.


Tran hits post on all TDE Instagram shots

“I’m all about creating imagery people are going to click like on.”

Behind every Instagram flat lay and pastel coloured dream shoot, is Tran and her creative vision. She’s behind all the visuals, which are integral for manifesting TDE’s uniquely curated lifestyle.


Customer service is on Tran’s daily to-do list

“I do an hour of customer service everyday.”

While most CEOs will happily pass on customer service work to their teams, Tran makes sure she’s personally aware of her customers’ feedback. From complaints to compliments, Tran’s across it all to constantly improve the business and product offering.


Tran passes on networking drinks

“I don’t network at all. The product speaks for itself. Investors will come because it’s a great business.”

In 2017, Oroton Group acquired a 30 percent stake of the TDE business. But Tran doesn’t go out looking for stakeholders. Believing in your product, and backing it up with a quality offering, is enough to attract a following.


Fashion Talk 4 – Career Codes with Who What Wear is presented by AMP Capital Shopping Centres

Written by Anastasia McInerney


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