Faces Behind the Festival: The VIP Seating Director

The FROW (front row) plays an important role in the spectacle of any fashion presentation but have you ever wondered who's job it is to make sure the right people are seated in the right place in time for the first model's stride on the runway?

This week we spoke to Miro Kubicek, Miro Door, the VIP Seating Director, who kindly filled in the gaps of our questionnaire.


The Life of a VIP Seating Director: Miro Kubicek

My name is Miro and I work for the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival as the  VIP Seating Director.

A typical day in the office for me consists of  pretty people, primadonas and fashionistas.

People are always surprised to learn that  I’m not as scary as I look!

The most rewarding part of my role is  happy client, happy event and happy attendees.

My role is important to the Festival because it is fundamental to make sure all the right people are looked after, seated in the right seats and the show starts on time.

The best person I have seated at the Festival was... Too many to mention – most of the people are very special.

In the mornings, I cannot start the day without a good work out.

My favourite album to listen to while I work is...I don’t listen to any music as I only listen to people while I work.  Otherwise my favourite music is a hip-hop – Jay-Z.

My go-to wardrobe staple during Festival week is collection of  my M. J. Bale suits

Jay-Z is the most inspirational person I have ever met.

When the Festival’s over, I like to wind down by cold beer and some sunshine on the beach.

I am looking forward to the Festival’s 20th year because I’ve been there for 30% of it!

One of the event’s that I am most excited to see at this year’s Festival is Opening Event because the front row is always packed with a-listers!

If you'd like to rub shoulders with the hottest celebrities at year's Opening Event Runway click here. To find out more inclusive behind the scenes information about our "back of house" team, stay tuned until next week.


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