Fashion Film Award 2019

The Festival's Fashion Film Award series is the longest-running and leading platform in Australia for the exposure and recognition of creative talent in the local and global fashion industries.

Engaging audiences through fashion film, here's what you need to know about the 10 films and filmmakers selected for our Fashion Film Award Presented by RUSSH, Supported by Val Morgan Cinemas and Official screening partners ACMI, Cinema NOVA and The Astor Theatre. 

1. Gotta Be Bonds
Dir: Gracie Otto, Photoplay Films

A day in the life of Cold Springs. Watch the inhabitants of this remote little town as they go about their day. Cold Springs is a small, dusty town off a beaten track, where for years the locals have stripped down to their underwear to beat the heat, and now the youth population have created an edgy sub-culture of beautiful people who wear the latest Bonds Originals.

The aim was to create a cinematic fashion film which looks hot and sweltering, authentically Australian, with its iconic dry desert locations, props and humour giving rise to nostalgia and memories of Australian summers, growing up, the connections of families and communities and the recognisable Bonds brand brining it all together. The film features cool, edgy, rebellious characters, with diversity and attitude in a town that has adapted to its extreme climate conditions.

Gracie Otto is one of Australia's most respected young filmmakers. Her sense of humour is as compelling as her sense of style - both supplying the foundation to her eclectic body of work. 

2. Pastel Lake
Dir: Georgina Solomon, lasskaa

This film is a jovial look back in time by two endearing ladies reminiscing on the past.

Framed in a studio setting constructed to be a small ballet arrangement utilising many pastel colours and a racially diverse cast of models who together create a fun and modern look.... the secondary focus is the relationship between type and image... and how a image's meaning can be perceived many ways depending on the overlaid typography. 

Georgie Solomon, the creative director of the film has been a steady force in the creative arts for many years, having had her own label and now a established content creator of international recognition she has challenged herself to create fashion film utilising all of her iconic colour and fun.

3. Zoofari
Dir: Ribal Hosn, Superteam Studios 

An experimental piece playing with ideas of conservation, nature, and the Australian landscape and how it all maps on to us as individuals. Gemma wrote a piece which was influenced by our time at Taronga zoo and she recited it for use in the extended film piece. The film revealed itself over the days of shooting and we recalibrated our direction as it moved forward whilst remaining aligned with the underlying subtle narrative of the piece. Although shot in Australia, we also aimed to produce a piece that is somewhat timeless and appears as though it could have been shot anywhere on the planet.

Ribal Hosn has a background in the health sciences and originally completed a degree in Pharmacy but decided to totally change career and move away from academia and in to the unknown world of the arts. Curious about fashion film as an emerging genre, Ribal would film and experiment with motion content and being further mentored by now close friend Georges Antoni. 

4. Makers Who Inspire: Paul Vasileff
Dir: Henry Thong, Those Creatives 

A moving and inspiring portrait documentary profiling internationally-renowned designer Paul Vasileff, who shares an intimate insight into his personal journey, creative process and the inspirations behind his work at Paolo Sebastian: the couture label he founded at the age of 17. Now 28, he has collaborated with Disney to produce an original collection, been awarded Young Australian of the Year by the Prime Minister, and dressed numerous celebrities in Australia and the United States for the most prestigious events in the world (including the Met Gala, Academy Awards, Tony Awards, Emmys and Grammy Awards).

Henry Thong is an emerging South Australian documentary filmmaker. Henry started filmmaking in high school, and was quickly recognised for his work by leading Hollywood filmmakers such as Don Hahn (producer of Beauty & the Beast and The Lion King) and Tom DeSanto (producer of X-Men and Transformers). 

Dir: Ramon Watkins

This short piece is an ode to the heady days of the early 90s, where frivolity, glamour and pounding house music were in heavy supply. The film is inspired by photography, fashion and music videos by Herb Ritts and Bruce Weber among others, and featuring superstars like Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Tina Turner, Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. The only thing these videos took seriously was the need to have fun, and when collaborating with a brand like IRVRSBL, which sources rare vintage garments from the era, we saw an opportunity to capture that essence and take viewers back to a simpler time.

Ramon Watkins is an Australian film director based in Melbourne. Frequently collaborating with Melbourne-based cinematographer Alice Stephens, Ramon has directed fashion films for MOGA, Sake For Breakfast, Alexandra Kirkwood & Eloise Lai, and most recently, IRVRSBL.

6. Be Ready
Dir: Giacomo Boeri and Matteo Grimaldi, The Blink Fish 

Watch Ukrainian model Nastya Timos determined to be in top shape for the upcoming Milanese fashion season. Frantically trying on outfits, rehearsing for selfies and relentlessly working out, the result is a humorous and light-hearted interpretation of the excitement taking place during fashion week and the preparation involved.

As is customary for the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana, Be Ready supports the local design scene by featuring a wide range of brands based in Italy, from emerging to more established, namely Arthur Arbesser, Gabriele Colangelo, GCDS, Giannico, Lucio Vanotti, Marco de Vincenzo, Paula Cademartori, Sara Battaglia, Stella Jean and Vivetta. 

Founded in 2012, The Blink Fish is a creativity and production company that brings under its wing different young talents and projects. 

7. The Performers act III: Charlie Heaton
Dir: Albert Moya, Story: We Produce 

On a bed of flowers, we discover English actor and "Stranger Things" star, Charlie Heaton while he narrates passages out of Patti Smith's autobiography. Those words will set up the mood as the Englishman goes through his journey around New York City. He takes us through a daydream looking alike journey, from sunset until the dead of night. As we discover his own interpretation of the city, Heaton wanders through parties in which he reinvents himself and through the city at night. To Heaton, it is like " you are transported to a time that doesn't exist and in where it's nice to stand still and just kind of watch it". And as he says, we watch him and his explorations meddled with romance and excitement. In a total liberated manner.

Native from Miravet, a small village close by Tarragona in Spain. Albert Moya left for New York City in 2011 to study cinematography, and came back later with his first short movie "American Autumn". Nowadays, Moya lives in between the Big Apple and Barcelona. His portfolio counts already a film for Belgian designer Dries Van Noten as several contributions with video channel Nowness. 

8. Recognition
Dir: Helen Clemens

A First Peoples Fashion Film, features five designers from Victoria, Australia. We find ourselves in a world that is slightly other, operating parallel to a design reality, mystical and hyper-real. Our First Peoples actors are brought to the foreground amongst the clash of modern Hong Kong as they showcase contemporary First Peoples fashion designs. We see the vivid colours, fabrics, designs popping against a frenetic urban atmosphere with deep traditions. High tech architectural surfaces of the city become glamorous back drops. Traditional Hong Kong customs are reworked with consumer intensity, lacquered with the humid Hong Kong atmosphere. Our First Peoples actors are changing culture for the future with their performance. It is their recognition of this position, in front of the camera, where the audience feels our actors empowerment. This hyper-real, mystical and revolutionary fashion story moves through stylised vignettes with compressed timelines, visually crafted within progressive Hong Kong. 

Emerging from the world of fine art and visual effects, Film and Animation Director Helen Clemens burst onto the commercial directing scene with her animated SBS Films, which made her one of the Cannes Lions Young Directors, featured in 2011, and won her Best Animation at New York Promax/BDA the same year. 

9. The Postman Dreams 2
Dir: Autumn de Wilde, Anonymous Content 

Autumn de Wilde reteamed with Prada for the 2017 holiday season for the second campaign in her popular The Postman Dreams short film series. Written and directed by de Wilde and starring Elijah Wood and featuring Emma Roberts, Sasha Frolova, Amber Valletta, and Natalia Dyer, The Postman Dreams 2 is a humorous and whimsical showcase of branded content for a luxury brand. Comprised of two stories and eight films in total, the dreamy films follow The Postman (Wood) as he attempts to deliver the Prada Galleria bag to our fashion influencers and their great delight. Here, de Wilde devises her own imaginary vistas and mise en scène, inspired not just by her own obsessions but those of others. Desire, pleasure, eventual satisfaction - these are the underlying themes of these non-sequential, fabulist chapters -divided into four main stories. Humorous and whimsical, with a touch of daydream and moments of pure surreal wit, each film presents itself as a self-contained fragment. 

Director Autumn de Wilde documents the ever-changing cultural zeitgeist. Each of her projects is an intimate collaboration between her and her subjects. Last winter, she reteamed with Prada for a second installment of the label’s popular branded film series The Postman Dreams. de Wilde has also written, directed, and shot brand films for Oliver Peoples entitled Catch a Tuesday, starring Zooey Deschanel, and The Children Are Bored on Sundays, also with Elijah Wood and Shirley Manson. 

10. The Greatest Luxury
Dir: Kathryn Ferguson, Lief 

The film focuses on three established talents, chosen for their radical approach to their life and art. The result is a visual hybrid documentary short film, consisting of in depth interviews, poetry, and beautifully designed visual metaphors for each of the main pillars. The contributors are: fashion designer Gareth Pugh; American performing artist, rapper and activist Mykki Blanco; choreographer, director and artist Holly Blakey; poet and performer Lilly Ashley and dancer Sophie Appollonia. In an era of high-speed living, digital overload and people feeling stretched across various aspects of their lives, The Greatest Luxury looks at the importance of doing small things that make you feel good – those everyday luxuries that are more about self-worth than (as we often worry) being selfish. 

Belfast born Kathryn Ferguson is an award-winning Film Director. Kathryn has made many films for fashion designers, international brands and musicians including Chloé, Amnesty International, Selfridges, Vogue, Air France, Dev Hynes & Neneh Cherry, Nike, Sinead O’Connor, Sony, Lady Gaga and SHOWstudio. 

Fashion Film Award Screening and Discussion 
Presented by RUSSH Magazine, Supported by Val Morgan
Saturday March 2
Tickets on sale next week, stay tuned for ticket details. 

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