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How to monetise your social media

The Festival introduces Fashion Talks for the first time, taking your digital know-how to the next level with Australia's top influencers. Sisters Jess and Stef Dadon from How Two Live discuss in Fashion Talks 1 why content is king in creating a personal brand and growing audience.

There's no doubting you know these twins. Whether you go by their names Jess and Stef Dadon, or their globally recognised handle How Two Live, these two fashion entrepreneurs now celebrate 110 thousand followers on Instagram. They've come a long way from their Blogspot beginnings, with a self-created shoe line, a Gorman collaboration and a Windsor Smith collection under their belts (and no doubt a well documented history of their career highlights on their social media platforms). 

Learn how you too can harness the power of social media. 


How to build an audience

“It can feel uncomfortable, but if it’s your dream then go for it.”

Build a strong concept– people respond to a story. How To Live began as a blog about twin sisters sharing a wardrobe across the world.

Treat it like a business– from day one, Jess and Stef took their pursuit seriously, as with any job.

Loop giveaways- you can grow your following by 1,000 in one day.

Email– build a collection of emails, and send out an EDM. Open rates of email can span from 20 to 50 percent.

Find like-minded influencers– build a following with fellow influencers that have similar values and interests.




How to keep an audience engaged

“Content is so important. It can be exhausting.”

Regular content– don’t let 10 days go by without posting. People will notice.

Instagram pods– fight the algorithm that only favours posts that rake up the most engagement within 10 minutes of posting. Band together with like-minded brands or followers, and message to a group chat each time you post. By liking and engaging with each other’s post, you can build followers and audience engagement.

Hashtags– they work. No one likes going on a page and seeing 30 hashtags, but it’s what’s going to get you those quick likes. If you feel uncomfortable posting a tonne of hashtags, make it the second comment on your post.

Be responsive to comments– it can be time consuming, but it’s a way to make people feel special. You want every single follower on there to feel valued by you.


How to work with brands

“We usually set one person we want to meet before we get to an event. It can make it all worth it. If we can make that connection in 20 minutes, we can then go home and watch Netflix and eat ice-cream.”

Build an offline presence– networking can be daunting (and super embarrassing), but it’s key to building connections within the industry.

Go to events– even if you’re not invited, just show up. The girls made their mark on Paris Fashion Week in just the first three months of starting their blog by making their presence known outside the runway venues.

Agents– they can be the right move, but if they’re promising you the world, it’s probably suss. Jess and Stef manage themselves, as no one better understands a brand than its founders.

Reaching out– research the names of PR agency managers, event coordinators…anyone with connections to brands and companies you want to work with. From there,

Social media– it’s the best way to connect with the media industry. LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter…it’s a great way to reach out to journalists.



Fashion Talks 1 - Monetising Your Social Platform is presented by AMP Capital Shopping Centres

Written by Anastasia McInerney



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