Inside this year’s gift bag

We’re excited to share a peek into the exclusive gift bags our guests will receive at:

  - Runways 1 - 7
  - GQ Australia Menswear Runway
  - Virgin Australia Grand Showcase

Included in the runway ticket price is a gift bag valued at over $100* featuring beauty box by Priceline Pharmacy, with a mixed selection of makeup, skincare essentials and much more to freshen up guests after a long day of high fashion and selfies.



Here at the Festival, our team understands the importance of always looking photo-ready. This year, our guests can look forward to taking home a variety of products to help keep up your daily beauty routine, from full-sized beauty products to best-selling hygiene essentials.

We’ve got you covered for your fresh look at the Festival. See you there.


* Products vary depending on Runway, not all images in this photo are included in all gift bags to be distributed.


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