Meet Banoffee

Banoffee is a Melbourne-born Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter and producer with a transgressive and deeply vulnerable approach to music. She has been described as one of pop music’s “recent great forward thinkers” and is known for infectious melodies that belie more unsettling, experimental textures and beats.

We caught up with her as she prepares to join us for a night of culture, music and fashion at Nocturnal x Fashion in March 2020.

What’s the most unique thing about you? 

I don’t like mangos. Everyone likes mangos, not I. 

How would others describe you in 3 words?

Goofy, chaotic, hardworking. 

What’s your favourite thing about Melbourne?

That you can walk everywhere, and people aren’t that grumpy.

How would you describe the evolution of your music and sound?

I would say my music has turned more energetic, more experimental with the sounds I use, but more poppy in genre. My production has improved and thus my songs have a lot of detail these days. Sound bites I guess. 

You have such a unique style and presence, how do you interplay fashion with your music?

Fashion and music are like vegemite and avocado. A seriously good combo, that together make the other flavour make more sense. LOL. Okay, so I guess they interplay for me because I see music as much as I hear it. Every sound has a colour, so every set has a garment. In similar ways, music is very textural for me, and I get satisfaction by matching textures of fabric and sound together.

You’re very good at producing relatable lyrics, what does your new album say about your current stage of life?

My new record is a sequence of deaths and resurrections. There are songs about moving away, songs about old pains, new break ups, the feelings of wanting to disappear. But most of all it talk about reformation. About the idea of rebuilding a life with a set of blocks. I hope that comes through with each story.

My three songs: 

I don’t wanna know - charli xcx 
Adam and Steve - Dorian Electra 
Dog eyes - Dijon 

Banoffee's debut album, Look At Us Now Dad, will be released on 21 February 2020.


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