Nocturnal x Fashion Redux 

 By Naomi Hatton

This piece was written as part of the Fashion Writing Program 2019

The week of copious coffee, minimal sleep and outfit-risks is upon us – otherwise known as the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival – and it kicked off full throttle, combining the Museum’s now-beloved Nocturnal dance party with an after-hours first look at Fashion Redux.

The Museum’s fashion and textiles archives, kept safe under lock and key in the museum vault, was made available to design duo Alpha60, entrepreneurs How Two Live, stylist Kate Gaskin, jewellery designer Kristy Dickinson, costume designer Marion Boyce, fashion designer Nixi Killick, stylist Ntombi Moyo, milliner Melissa Jackson and couture house J’Aton.

Fashion Redux is a fashion revival. A fashion style come-back. Demonstrating the interplay between past trends and how they are still relevant and coexist in modern Melbourne. The selection of fashion legends mentioned above were given the task to present their own capsule collection, unique to their own personal style, while drawing on the expansive archives in Melbourne Museum.

The revival by this group of leading fashion identities pays homage to styles from the past, and demonstrates the eternity of style, and how it can always be reinterpreted into the present.

Fashion Redux truly encapsulated our home-grown fashion scene, with Melbourne Museum offering up an eclectic and historic array of pieces on a silver platter for these experts to play with and make their own – and boy, did they deliver.



The Exhibition

Unlike an art gallery, a museum collects clothing in all its guises, irrespective of the latest trends, and what would be deemed ‘high fashion’. The Melbourne Museum archive holds a history of what we wear day and night, work and play. The exhibition is not only a look at the external trademarks of time, but an insight into what was happening in society at the time of their creation.

“Clothes are the witnesses to our history and our companions during our journey through life” - Fashion Redux

A stand out in the exhibition is stylist Ntombi Moyo, showing fearless choices with texture, colour, and combining casual with evening attire. This Melbourne-based stylist aimed for character development with her outfit choice, opting for a romantic, gold evening dress, layered under a beautifully embellished bespoke jacket. Ntombi paired these pieces with some accessories sourced by herself, which truly brought the outfit together for a current-look.

Basically, if Bella Hadid can bring back matching tracksuits as formal-wear, Ntombi can bring back outrageous denim jackets and evening dresses as day-wear.

The entrepreneurial duo, Alpha60, brought their renowned sophisticated quirk to the capsule, combining pieces to reflect their fresh take on classic styles and cuts. An Alpha60 pant matched with historic beige tones really epitomised the idea of a fashion style revival.

These illustrious names are nestled upstairs in Melbourne Gallery of the Museum until the 31st March, and what better way to celebrate the opening of this eclectic exhibition than with something so trendy, it must be quintessentially Melbourne – an after dark party in a Museum under a disco ball.




While Melbourne Museum is normally the place to chaperone the kids on an excursion to visit stuffed animals and learn about their surrounds, Nocturnal is one for the big kids.

Nocturnal is the Museum’s adult-only, after-dark special, featured monthly throughout the year with music from local talent, food and cocktail pop-ups, and interactive talks. 

Last night featured the elusive Avalanches DJ set, owning the stage, supported by the likes of Kaiit, Chela, Chunky Move and Bebe’. The performances reflected the vibe of Fashion Redux, with immersive movement from Chunky Move, and audience-focused music.

Busy, vibrant, supportive and immersive – Nocturnal x Fashion Redux was an exuberant night bringing together all aspects of fashion, art and culture. Showing that fashion isn’t just reserved for the experts but is an immersive experience for all on the sartorial spectrum.

This piece was written as part of the Fashion Writing Program 2019

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