Shopping with the future generation

The launch of e-commerce saw a generational shift in consumer habits. Shopping bags were traded for shopping carts, and the ease of online made physical stores seemingly redundant.

National Fashion Manager of AMP Capital Shopping Centres Major Projects Alicia Kemp works towards redefining what truly makes a shopping centre a hub for retail businesses. Hosting a panel discussion, Kemp touched on the importance of tangibility in the digital world we live in, with a new focus for shopping centres of the future. Harnessing the Gen Z shoppers today, by no means an easy feat, involves creating spaces that are all encompassing.  

We let the experts doing the talking on all things business, e-commerce and bricks-and-mortar.


Sener Besim, Founder and Creative Director, Sener Besim Eyewear

“If you know how hard it is [to start a business], you’ll never do it.”

“I’m trying to create a Bentley, a Bulgari if you will. I’m trying to foster a new luxury customer that is looking for something else.”

“It was all up and exposed– the voices that would influence consumers were obvious to us, they were loud. We would use that influence as a voice that would drive sales to our brand. Nowadays, with social media, that influence isn’t so easy to spot.”


Rob Cromb, Managing Director, Kookai

“DNA is really important for a designer label, for a brand. We’re very clear about who we are. Kookai has stayed where it needed to be. We wanted to own the space we were in.”

“If you’re going to be a successful brand, you have to look what’s on the horizon.”

“It’s the tissues, it’s the bags. You have to have real passion about what you’re doing. Your e-commerce is almost a reward for what you’re doing with bricks and mortar. They both go hand in hand.”


Alex Cleary, Director, Alpha60

“Everyone has touched into online. That didn’t exist when we started.”

“Expectations are different. People want things faster– there’s no waiting.”

“The business has matured as we’ve matured. We spend a lot of time trying to keep the brand DNA relevant. We are what the business is– we’re not trying to be something else.”


David Briskin, Chairman, Melbourne Fashion Festival

“Shopping for the future generation will be integrated as a part of life. It’s now seamless.”

“In preparing for generational change…focus on your product. You can get so distracted with online, social media, click-and-collect. The key to having successful business sales is having great product.”

“Not enough consumers are asking questions [about sustainability] in store, and it’s not permeating to mass fashion.”



Fashion Talk 3 – Shopping with the Future Generation is presented by AMP Capital Shopping Centres

Written by Anastasia McInerney


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