The Business: Brooke Testoni

In this installment of The Business, we talk to a woman with an enviable amount of talent and creativity. Brooke Testoni started her career as a blogger but has grown into much more than that. Add writer, stylist, producer, photographer and creative director to the mix and you start to understand why we rate her as a total trendsetter and one of the most influential creatives in Australia - 134k Instagram followers can’t be wrong. Brooke chats to us about about staying true to yourself and how stepping away from the trends could be the best approach to become a game changer.

Brooke Testoni

Please introduce yourself.
Brooke Testoni here! It is hard to describe what I do. You could say I’m a stylist (fashion and interior), blogger, contributor, creative director and photographer all rolled into one? haha!

Share one piece of advice which has been a game changer for you?
Be sure to stay true to yourself in all aspects of life! In my work, I make sure I stay true to my style and not follow others.

If you could travel to one destination for inspiration, where would it be and why?
I would have to say Copenhagen, Denmark. The fashion is quite progressive yet classic. There is also an alignment between fashion, art and design (architecture and interior) which particularly appeals to me.

What is your in-flight travel essential?
La Mer light moisturiser, hydration, hydration, hydration and some snacks.

Fashion is always evolving, how do you stay on top of trends in your industry.
Yes fashion is always evolving, but I am not the one to chase fast fashion. I do of course follow the runway shows and will invest in the pieces (trends) I am fond of, but ‘style’ to me is not following trends. I pair back a little old with a little new.

Share something exciting on the horizon?
I can't say just yet, but I will be launching a fashion project this year. Oh, and I will be documenting the renovation of my house. It is going to be good year!

What personal traits do you think are essential to ‘change the game’?
I am still trying to figure that out myself! Like I said, I think it is so important to stay true to your own style and not follow in other people’s footsteps.

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