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Jackie Frank is a true leader when it comes to publishing. As the founding editor of one of Australia’s most-loved magazines marie claire for two decades, and now the general manager of fashion, beauty & health at  Pacific Magazines, she knows a thing or two about success. She is a champion for women’s rights and continues to weave this theme of empowerment through the magazine titles she works with. We are thrilled to chat to Jackie and soak up some of her game changing advice that we could all apply to our own careers (clue: authenticity and resilience have a big part to play).

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Please introduce yourself.
Hi my name is Jackie Frank and I am the general manager of fashion, beauty, health and Pacific+ at Pacific Magazines.

Share one piece of advice that has been a ‘game changer’ for you in life or in business?
The one piece of advice that has been a game changer for me — actually one that I always follow — is to be yourself! Authenticity is key to success, as is following your passions. Following your passions means that you will always give it your all and success will follow.

If you could travel to one destination for inspiration, where would it be and why?
If there’s one place I would choose to go to for instant inspiration, it’s the coast of Italy along the Mediterranean (pictured). I love the history, the architecture, the light and the food! The waters of the Mediterranean are soul enriching and invigorating, and the people are so warm and welcoming.

What is your in-flight travel essential? 

I have a bad back and for long hauls I always take my hot water bottle, it really helps! For short trips it's my phone, that way I can watch the Virgin entertainment system, there's always something brilliant on.

Fashion is always evolving, how do you stay on top of trends in your industry?
To stay on top of trends you need to be aware of what’s happening around the world. Trends come through all sorts of places, whether through the catwalks of Paris, Milan and New York or the street style of the major cities. Travelling also delivers inspiration, and it’s important to understand history when looking at future fashion trends. So much is derived from marrying the past with the future.

Share something exciting on the horizon?
marie claire has always championed women’s rights and I am thrilled to see that the topic is gaining more and more traction globally. marie claire continues to push boundaries so watch this space! At Women’s Health this year we are really excited to be focusing our attention on women in sport in Australia and looking at how we are punching above our weight. We are backing female athletes on their journey through a new initiative WinS, which will fully support them as they develop from grassroots to the real elite levels. It’s the year of women and that’s definitely something to be excited about!

What personal traits do you think are essential to ‘change the game’? 
If I had to pick out traits that I think really help to ‘change the game’, they would be tenacity, an open mind and an ability to be agile and move. You need to have courage to try new things and not worry about failure. It’s also about how you pick yourself up when things don’t go the way you expect — resilience is an essential attribute of a game changer.

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