Nadia Bartel

The Business: Nadia Bartel

Shopping, style and business are just a few of the areas that Nadia Bartel excels in. She’s the founder and publisher of one of Australia’s most loved fashion blog’s Chronicles of Nadia. Here she shares her personal style and helps fashion seekers bridge the gap between high-end and high-street fashion and beauty. In 2015, she launched The Con-nection, an online hub to shop wardrobe staples worth holding onto from some of Australia’s and the world’s most progressive fashion brands and designers. We chat to Nadia about travel, trends and what the future holds for her and her growing businesses.  

Nadia Bartel

Please introduce yourself.
Nadia Bartel, stylist, blogger, director and buyer of The Con-nection.

Share one piece of advice that has been a game changer for you?
It’s better to try and fail than to never have tried at all. I say give it a go and just start, don’t overthink it. Starting is the hardest, but once you do you will have the momentum to keep going and you will kill it.  

If you could travel to one destination for inspiration, where would it be, and why?
I have been lucky to travel to great places like Italy and France that are very inspiring but if I could pick one destination that I haven’t been to it would be Copenhagen in Denmark. They are so fashion forward and minimalistic from their street fashion to their building design and interiors.

What is your in-flight essential?
Water and lots of it. I also make sure I have my favourite podcasts downloaded and have a good book.

Fashion is always evolving, how do you stay on top of trends in your industry?
I think it’s important to continually stay active in the industry. I love following the latest fashion shows (on the runway and the street) around the globe. Pinterest is a massive source of inspiration for me, I can be on there for hours and not even realise. I’m still a lover of magazines and style blogs. Instagram is also a great tool as it is so instant.  

Share something exciting on the horizon?
Last year was a huge year of growth for my online store The Con-nection and now we are in the process of designing our own collection. It’s a challenging and exciting process. Watch this space.

What personal traits do you think are essential to ‘change the game’?
Being passionate, hard working and competitive.

Find Nadia on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and Twitter. Follow The Con-nection on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

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