The Report: Hybrid Entities – Marriage of Art and Fashion

The Report is a blog series created to showcase the Festival's Fashion Writing finalists. Writers are sent to Arts, Ideas and Independent Runway events, to take a closer look at the diverse program beyond the runway, and explore fashion that takes us to galleries, stage, screen and more.

A writer with a penchant for all things romantic. Chau has a profound interest of how to create dialogue within and outside the realm of the fashion industry. Her favourite designers include Dries Van Noten, Raf Simons and Lemaire.


Fashion has always been known for its glamorous vision, but sometimes there needs to be a push for something more thematic and conceptual; a little more excitement, a little more creativity, the need for fashion to be more extraordinary.

Hybrid Entities: Wearable Art Forms is such an event that will provide the excitement and need for the intellectual thought of fashion beyond its means, courtesy of the students at LCI Melbourne in its fifth event collaborating with the Virgin Australian Melbourne Fashion Festival.

“We’d like to bring to the table a unique interpretation of ‘fashion’ and marry the concept of art and fashion through different perspectives,” Program Coordinator of LCI Melbourne’s Fashion and Costume Design program, Adryan Scicluna states. “We want to be able to encapsulate the students’ unique vision of the theme.”

With the opportunity for students to experiment without limitations and full autonomy of their creativity, Hybrid Entities explores the meaning of wearable art, rather than presenting seasonal trends and frameworks that the industry is usually accustomed to. “It’s more on the side of costume-meets-couture,” Scicluna pauses to consider his words, “a bit avant-garde. It’s like [the students are] designing for a whole new race, or species. The spectrum has no constraints on how the students can build upon their work, as long as it’s wearable. There’s going to be influences of gothic Victorian and even futurism.”

Students will be showing their collection using an array of media, including print and 3D printing, industrial materials, and props to substitute for regular textiles. The idea of couture fashion, from which hours are put into making a single garment by the talented hands of artisans at some of the oldest fashion houses in the world can now be reproduced simply and in the same aesthetic but with a futuristic twist.

“For instance, there may be a student that wants to utilise L.E.D lights to recreate the bio-skeleton of a luminescent jellyfish or even the ocean. Hybrid Entities allows for the option to mimic anything into wearable art. Fashion is the foundation on which art can be used as an extension and even exaggeration of ideas.”

The event is interactive, encouraging audiences to immerse themselves within the world that’s been encapsulated from concept to garment to a tangible environment. It’s an event that’s set to explore the evolution of ideas and how concepts can be viewed in an endless variety of unusual beauty.

When asked to describe what Hybrid Entities is in five words, Scicluna ponders for a while before stating: “innovation, expression, organic, challenging and captivating”.

And from the sounds of it, it simply will be just that. But you’ll have to be there to garner a true understanding of the experience.

Hybrid Entities: Wearable Art Forms is on Wednesday 17 March at 7PM at LCI Melbourne. Hybrid Entities is a participant of the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival Offsite Runways Program. Free, RSVP essential.

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