Trend Report: VAMFF 2019

The diversity in the range of incredible collections at VAMFF 2019 seemed just right for the times.

By Chloe Naughton, Fashion Programmer

Exultant and extraordinary, this year was genuinely a momentous event to celebrate and behold. The designers, with the dynamic dichotomy between all their vastly unique visions, all still worked collaboratively to formulate a singular and all encompassing thrill. This exhilarating unification was the beating heart for VAMFF 2019. It was truly the stuff of pure fashion magic.

A few trends in particular were given room to breathe, with several standout flourishes defining the overarching spirit of the season’s collection.



The stale stigma surrounding ‘bland beige’ has been blasted to smithereens. The autumnal shade is back with a quiet authority that reaches new heights in its thundering a comeback to the runways for AW19 collections. From tan to taupe, beige and chocolate, all you need to do is find the right hue for you and it promises to make your wardrobe work twice as hard.



Wallpaper florals are in. Encompassing big, bold and exquisitely detailed celebrations of natural beauty and an effervescent application of desirable hues and colours, they are here to make their presence known in the most modern and beautiful ways they can.



A chic embellishment in all that sparkles is definitely having a glimmering, shimmering dazzling moment! And it is no wonder really, sparkle helps us rise above the mundane and brings us into the realms of dreams. Now seems a better time than any to best enjoy the dramatic glamour of sequins and shimmering sparkles.



Neutrals have always been the staples of any savvy wardrobe. Incorporating pastel colours, either subtly or boldly into your outfit at work or at home says you know your trends. There are a multitude of ways you can mix up your pastels that will reinstate your fashion consciousness. 



A fresh selection for the 2019 Pantone colour of the year, and for good reason! Living coral breathes a zesty fresh life into any wardrobe outfit. Fresh and energetic yet suave and sophisticated. The warm golden undertones invigorate, oozing the good time energy to put a pep in your step.



A wonderfully diverse design principle that transcends fashion in its many various facets; cheetah, snake, tiger and yes, the leopard. It is a print that has gone beyond being a current fashion statement to establishing itself as a wardrobe perennial. Elegant, knowing and as stylishly savage as it gets.


As Summer slips away, there rises an inevitable excitement that surrounds the more creative freedom in fashion the weather permits (no longer dressing to stave off the heat!). Nothing allows more creative expression than dressing in layers, combining different textures and proportions to create new clean, minimal silhouettes, construct interest and bring out the best in various textures.


The feeling is at once classic, but also capable of being a fierce and fresh statement. Bold, brave and billowy. This modern, powerful and often imposing take on the minimalist look is surprisingly easy to wear, whether when standing alone, or when worn in chic contrast to float-y pieces or when worn to balance slim fitted pieces.


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