Why you need to be at this year’s Business Seminar

The Festival’s annual Business Seminar is back for 2018, bringing together global pioneers of the fashion industry to inspire, motivate and revolutionise the future.

But when the future is now, it takes a level of thinking light years ahead. This year’s speakers are industry trendsetters, accelerating business in a time of ballooning creative and commerce platforms. Coupled with the task of innovation that is kind to humanity and the environment, these rule makers have the knowledge, personal experience and tenacity to boot.

As consumer hunger grows ever more insatiable, so too does the need for swift development– and an unrivalled game plan. Join the industry’s frontrunners for a day of panel discussions, Q&A sessions and networking opportunities so you, too, can be a part of it all.

Still need convincing? Here’s why you need to secure a ticket to this year’s event:

The international line-up
This year’s line up encompasses a global vision. The Festival is proud to host Wen Zhou, CEO and Co-Founder of 3.1 Phillip Lim, Jarrad Serafine-Clark, Partner and Director of Creative Services at KCD INC, and Fanny Moizant, Co-Founder of APAC VP and Director of Communications at Vestaire Collective, as the speakers for 2018. In addition, the panel will include a special guest speaker from a luxury French fashion house.

These internationally recognised leaders have a world vision, with business spanning countries across Asia, Europe, the Pacific and America. The speakers will discuss their business evolution from conception to creation, and the inherent trials and triumphs.

Learn where Australia sits against the rest of the world, to see how to dominate in both local and overseas climates.

Technology as more than just a trend
As drones replace models on the runway, personalisation algorithms curate our must-buy purchases for the perfect wardrobe, and customer service chatbots become the norm, the need for technological catching-up becomes imperative.

Gone are the days of technology as a trend. In order for a business to succeed in fashion’s fast-paced environment, it’s important to understand how to harness the power of tech. Guest speakers will tackle topics such as the world of e-commerce, and how to engage audiences’ waning attention spans.

A focus on responsible innovation
Fashion in the 21st century no longer costs just the dollar amount printed on the tag. Poor working conditions of garment factory workers and the tolls on the environment as a result of garment production have called for a greater transparency in the fashion industry.

Responsible innovation is key to creating a sustainable future– for both business and the environment.
Notably, Zhou is on the Board of Directors for Nest, a non-profit organisation aimed at providing increased global workforce inclusivity, improving the wellbeing of female factory workers and preserving cultural traditions. Interestingly, Moziant’s e-commerce site promotes up cycling in the luxury fashion sphere.

All your questions answered
Have a burning question you need answered? Take full advantage of the Q&A session to gain further insight on a topic, or to clear up any long-time ponders.

Networking opportunities
Following discussions, guests are invited to join in on networking drinks and canapés. Meet with the industry’s current movers and shakers for a quick tête-à-tête, and pick their brains for some last pearls of wisdom. You’ll also be able to mingle with fellow up-and-comers, and share stories of failures and victories.

It’s time to book your ticket to business success.

The Business Seminar is proudly presented by AMP Capital Shopping Centres and Visit Victoria, and supported by Wish Magazine. 

Business Seminar
Thursday March 9
1PM - 6PM
Immigration Museum, Melbourne

Written by Anastasia McInerney 


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