World Environment Day: Going Green

As a change-maker in the fashion industry, here are the top ways that we are going green. 

  • We introduced the Honourable Mention of Sustainability at the National Designer Award, presented by David Jones.
  • We program and amplify sustainable designers. 
  • Our volunteer t-shirts were made of sustainable materials and were non-branded and non- dated to encourage multiple year use.
  • We implementated re-usable signage to eliminate single use materials.
  • Our fabric media walls were reused by Fashion and Textile students at RMIT University. 
  • We invested in makeup mirrors that draw significantly less power than previously used.
  • 100% of all international and domestic airline bookings were carbon emission offset for Festival guest and team travel.
  • Models and key stakeholders were accommodated within walking distance to the Festival venues for reduced transport impacts.
  • We developed a Green Policy that is implemented in our own office operations, and shared with all our stakeholders and suppliers, to work towards delivering the greenest possible event each year.
  • Our environmental efforts are tracked through a ‘31 point green achievements report’ to exceed green targets year-on-year.
  • Each new staff member is gifted a reusable coffee cup as a welcome gesture.
  • We deliver a strong itinerary of sustainable fashion events in our program every year.
  • We encourage and celebrate all positive steps, no matter how big or small.


What can you do? Here are our top tips for greener fashion

  • Take a fast fashion break – invest in pieces you can wear long term, from brands that support sustainable practices
  • Wash on cold rather than hot or warm water and buy green laundry detergent.
  • Swap or sell your unwanted clothes
  • Shop ethically – look for recycled or natural materials such as organic cotton, soy or hemp, shop at vintage stores or from eco conscious brands
  • Learn about brands and sustainable practices - Ask the business or brand you buy from to change, our voices are powerful
  • Use biodegradable shopping bags and tell the retail assistant to hold the plastic.
  • Go faux – better for animals and the planet

Looking to shop more ethically? Click here for more 

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