image Fashion Editor, The Australian

Glynis Traill-Nash

Fashion Editor Glynis Traill-Nash has established herself as one of Australia’s most highly regarded fashion writers and commentators. Her engaging, informative – and opinionated – writing has endeared her to readers of a number of publications, including The Sunday Telegraph, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Sun-Herald, Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue China and In Style.

In addition to Australia, Glynis has covered fashion weeks in New York, Paris, Milan, Berlin and Auckland.

In recent years she has become a regular media fixture and fashion spokesperson across radio and television, including appearances on Project Runway, Today, The Morning Show and A Current Affair.

Whether it’s translating trends, critiquing celebrities or revealing the realities of fashion, Glynis is the go-to person for the inside word on the fascinating world of fashion.

image Fashion Editor, The Australian
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