Lin Lin

Lin Lin Jacobs is the co-chair CEO of China International Beauty Expo (CIBE, founded in 1989), responsible for the organisation’s six beauty & wellness shows per year, in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen. Lin Lin sits on the board of All-China Federation of Industry & Commerce Beauty Culture & Cosmetic Chamber, as the Head of International Relations, oversees all countries beauty industry’s supply chain and retail affairs for the chamber. 

Previously a designer and anthropologist, Lin Lin has an impressive track record as a serial entrepreneur and creative. She is the youngest fellow in the inaugural China Leadership Program at The Aspen Institute, endorsed by Davie Rubenstein in 2013. She joined CIBE in 2015, since then her contributions to innovation and sustainability efforts to the beauty industry have brought international awareness on the beauty industry in China. In 2017 she was awarded the Beauty & Wellness Cultural Ambassador by the China-Australia Chamber of Commerce. Lin Lin is an active speaker and representative for China Beauty Industry around the world for global conferences, such as Netcomm Conference, Milan, Retail Conference, Melbourne, Asian Leadership Conference, Seoul. 

Lin Lin’s work and point of views were published in South China Morning Post, Shanghai Daily, China Daily, Wall Street Journal, Australia Financial Times, Chosun Ilbo (Korea), Surface, Creative Review, Fast Company, Architecture Digest, Leap, Wallpaper, The NewYorker, and The New York Times.

Outside of work, she plays an active role in the community, alongside her mother Madame Maya, they are amongst some of the most understated but progressive philanthropists for SEE Foundation, the largest sustainable environmental NGO. In 2019 Lin Lin was elected to be a non-party representative for the National People’s Congress Standing Committee. The latest report showed a track record of 73% recovering rate of senior cancer patients with TCM, Buddhist nutrition and meditation practice in her family’s Humanistic Cancer Retreat Program at Dafo Temple, Guangzhou.

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