Marnie Goding

Marnie Goding is co-founder and Creative Director of Melbourne fashion label ELK. The brand was launched in 2004 alongside husband and jeweller Adam Koniaras.

Marnie’s background in Marketing and Adam’s experience as a craftsman combined to launch a label offering niche product through the provision of ethically made, contemporary accessories and fashion items that were limited in the Australian market at the time. 

Over the past 15 years, their combined capabilities for running a business, designing, manufacturing and marketing has given ELK a competitive edge and resulted in a passionate, independent fashion business.

Today ELK has emerged as a leader in the industry as a brand at the forefront of positive change and is the first fashion business of its size to release an in depth transparency report. With four years of research and training, a dedicated team and active industry participation there are few other Australian labels with the depth of knowledge or all-encompassing commitment to redesigning their business.

The brand is on a journey to create great Australian design for a growing global audience, to share the story of a business in transformation, to innovate and to challenge traditional thinking for a better way to make and work in the world of fashion.

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